Undeveloped Pokemon

Number of fully evolved Pokémon for each type

Bug 3 Enkroach, Terrabite, Eidolitch
Dark 2 Enkroach, Badgergest
Dragon 1 Gilord
Electric 2 Illumni, Thundogre
Fairy 3 Cupire, Waxhopper, Dipodee
Fighting 4 Grappotamus, Thundogre, Blizzogre, Guillotaur
Fire 2 Palpablaze, Mollotov, Monitorch
Flying 3 Floranodon, Nevermort, Swirligig
Grass 3 Floranodon, Rokkuki (Normal), Monitorch
Ground 2 Doddity, Terrabite
Ghost 3 Badgergest, Mawsoleum, Eidolitch
Ice 1 Blizzogre
Normal 2 Palpablaze, Doddity
Poison 5 Nevermort, Virox, Gilord, Cupire, Finjector
Psychic 2 Illumni, Yufobia
Rock 2 Rokkuki (Statue), Mawsoleum
Steel 2 Guillotaur, Yufobia
Water 3 Grappotamus, Mollotov, Finjector

Increased Priority (significant thought put in, but not enough to make a decent page yet)

Noxile, Corrodo, and Gilord Poison/Dragon Noxile hatches by eroding its egg with acid. The glowing acid in its stomach resembles lava lamps and their glowing acid markings on its skin resemble the markings on a gila monster. The entire line also drools acid, based on komodo dragons. Gilord is about 7'10". Their stats are somewhat like a more specially-oriented Tyranitar, with high SPATK and SPDEF. They learn Acid and Acid Spray, and Melting Blast is their signature move. Pics here.
Finprick and Finjector Water/Poison Based on a greenland shark, a narwhal and a hypodermic needle. It has toxic meat and jabs sleeping prey with its needle-like tusk. Its range is around the far northern European ocean, including the North Sea and around the UK. Pics here.
Yufo and Yufobia Steel/Psychic The first stage resembles a traditional UFO, while the evolved one's claws make it look more like a Tripod from War of the Worlds. The glass casing of sickly green fluid also is reminiscent of a 'brain in a jar'. The second stage also slightly resembles a car. Pic of the line here. May trade-evolve. ……. Yufo can only be found at night on the farm/crop circle route. Yufo are very single-minded and curious, using heat vision to approach objects they want to gather information about. They'll mess with Pokémon like Tauros and invade their personal space without realizing they've crossed the line. ……. Their ability is Levitate. Their signature move is Tractor Beam, a special psychic move that traps. They can learn Autotomize.
Waxie and Waxhopper Pure Fairy Planthoppers. Pic here
Surprowl and Usurprowl Dark/Flying It has Snow Cloak, and it's mainly about raising evasion and disabling opponents, so it's more of a support/status mon. Although it looks cute, its large opened eyes and vast wingspan create a terrifying 'smile'. Pic here. Yer a wizard harry. Evo's wings look like big eyes, and the sudden splash of color is quite jarring when it opens them! It scares other birds from their nests and claims the nests for themselves. Could also be named Peepowl or Creepowl. Evo here.
Apprentacle, Squitch Water/Psychic? Water/Ghost? A squidlike Pokémon that uses 'magic'. It looks like it has a witch hat and has a star on its forehead. Two of its tentacles are tied around its neck like a scarf. Its evolution resembles a blanket octopus with a cloak. Name origin is apprentice + tentacle but also sounds like pentacle, while the other is simply squid + witch.
Cubsorb and Ursmosis Water or Water/Normal Based on a tardigrade and a sponge. Has very high HP (probably more than 150 fully-evolved) and its abilities are probably Water Absorb and Sturdy, although its other stats are fairly low to compensate. It's a good wall that can soak up a lot of hits due to being an extremophile. It's transparent and it's evolution has visible water and algae inside of it, looking like a giant fish bowl almost. The first stage is 0'4"; the second stage is 5'03"; it looks very much like its inspiration and has no eyes, but may have a pair of cute ears on its head to make a joke off of its inspiration being named the 'water bear' or 'moss piglet'.
Tubertot and Spudbud Pure Grass Two stages. Tubertot, thought to be a cousin of Oddish, pops right out of the ground and scares farmers. Spudbud is based on the concept of potatos with 'eyes', new buds that crop up on its body. The buds are actually explosive and it can fire them at will, learning moves like Ingrain, Autotomize, Leafage, Dig, Razor Leaf, Growth, Synthesis, Rollout, Seed Bomb, Selfdestruct, and Explosion. It has Motor Drive as its hidden. Appears in Eriu.
Humbuck and Hummonica Electric/Flying Drinks electricity. The electromagnetic vibrations that course throughout their body as a result cause a humming sound, a noise which gets particularly loud when they congregate together on power lines. They let out excess electricity by flapping their wings at speeds too fast for the human eye. They can be dangerous to go near when they decide to let off steam. Based off the 'mains hum' of generators and other major sources of electrical power.
Star-nosed mole/fairy armadillo Ground/Fairy Its snout is very long. When it buries itself in the ground with its snout sticking out, it looks like a flower. It has an excellent sense of touch and smell which it uses to get food and evade predators.
Manticore Fire/Bug Part of a Legendary Trio. Mask
Sphinx Ground/Psychic Part of a Legendary Trio. Mask
Gryphon Flying/Fighting Part of a Legendary Trio. Mask
Nymoway Water/Fairy Legendary Pokémon of Loegria. Based off of the Lady of the Lake and a selkie, found in the Enchanted Lake. Ability induces Misty Terrain
Nachtsidhe Ice/Psychic Legendary Pokémon of Alba. Based off of a heraldry lion and a cait sith, found in the Everwinter Glen
Dullavee Ghost/Dark Legendary Pokémon of Eriu, based off of a dullahan and a knuckelavee, found in the Phantom Barrow. Pic of it when it was a non-legendary: Pic here
Fafnirex Dragon/Fire Legendary Pokémon of Cymru, based off of a heraldry dragon and a treasure-hoarding dragon, found in the Serpent's Belly
Relixir Steel/Water, Steel/Fairy The Pokémon around which the plot revolves, found in the King's Catacombs. Changes forme with the Crown Jewel item; but it must hold the Crown Jewel in its Steel/Fairy forme.
Mephistone Rock/Dark King Midas, Philosopher's Stone, Mephistopheles. Ability 'Danger Aura' reduces contact moves by 25%

Priority Two

Magic die that evolves into dice, Magneton style Fairy/Psychic? Two or three stages
Robot, maybe windup toy, with unknown origin Steel/Fairy? Two or three stages. May be combined with the above
Chess Fairy? A pawn can evolve into a rook, knight or bishop, which have different movesets. Rooks specialize in HP & Defense, knights in Attack & Speed, and Bishops in Special Attack & Special Defense. Each has a special signature move with a secondary effect - Rooks get their DEF raised, Knights lower DEF, and Bishops ???. POSSIBLY: They come in white and black; white during the day, black at night. According to its ability, White gets Fighting STAB; black gets Dark STAB. This may also affect the power of their signature move.
Chrysalisk Bug/Dragon A dragon hatchling in a cocoon-like egg. Robby Idea.

Priority Three

Thylacine ??? ???
Coal monster Rock, Rock/Fire? A slightly new spin on Asterclops that takes away the 'celestial body' aspect. Instead, it's a black, coal-covered pitiful looking creature with a single luminous eye not unlike that of a coal miner's headlamp. Looks kind of like an old tortoise shambling along. A Wishiwashi-esque form change or simply an evolution turns it into a Balrog-like beast with a great increase in power.
Atlas beetle Bug/Rock
Cymothoa parasite in a fish Water/Ghost?
Sea urchin? Landmine sea urchin?? Water/poison?
Gargoyle ????? Already taken by Druddigon?
Wendigo Ice/???
Slushy snowman Ice/Dark or Ice/Poison or even Ice/Ghost? A Wendigo?? Bogleech's idea originally
Black widow? Bug/Poison?
Mosquito? Bug/Water?
Roadkilled opossum Normal/Ghost or Normal/Dark May be replaced by badger
Megatherium fossil poke Rock/Grass? So slow it has moss growing on it
Kronosaurus fossil poke Rock/????
Man o'war Water/Electric
Another Fire Type Fire
Bottlenose? Dolphin or Porpoise Water/Psychic
Aye-Aye Dark Stall, beefy defenses, moves like Counter and Payback
Coconut Octopus Water/Grass
Coconut Crab Water?
Stonefish Rock/Poison
Mexican burrowing toad Fairy/fire? Can learn a lot of ground moves

Habitat Forms

Palossand and Sandygast Ice/Ghost Snow castles, with carrots replacing the shovels
Druddigon Rock/Dragon Gargoyles
Bunnelby and Diggserby Ice/Ground Snow instead of dirt
Drilbur and Excadrill Water/Ground Star-nosed moles
Shiftry Grass/Ice Nutcracker
Tyrunt and Tyrantrum Flying/Dragon Chicken
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