Invented and produced by the Crown Company, the PokéPhone is the ultimate device for any trainer, combining the best of all devices seen in the Pokémon series until now. Pretty much the only thing it doesn't do is the Pokédex. The PokéPhone is so ubiquitous that pretty much everyone has one. When you get one in Bluebell Town, you have seven apps and you can receive twelve more as you progress through the game. There are 18 apps in total spread across two pages, with 9 apps on each page; you can rearrange the apps to your heart's content. 'PoryPal', a Porygon2 with a crown, is a personal assistant that can be accessed to help with your apps.

New apps sometimes show up in the App Store when you enter a new area for the first time, but must be bought with ingame money. When not using an app, the PokéPhone appears on the left side of the bottom screen, with PokéDex, Pokémon, Bag, Trainer, Shortcuts, Save, and Options on the right.

Time Bundled with PokéPhone in Bluebell Town The top of the PokéPhone always reads the time, but you can open the app to get more information, showing multiple representations of time including both the analog and digital clock, and an indicator showing when it's 'morning', 'day', or 'night'. You can set an alarm here to remind yourself of important events.
Phone Bundled with PokéPhone in Bluebell Town You can call and be called by various NPCs, such as Naomi, your mom, Prof. Apple, and the gym leaders. They are gradually added to your contact list as you progress through the game. Unless it's a plot-important event, you will never receive intrusive calls but merely text messages with a 'new messages' symbol on the screen, such as Gym Leaders and other important trainers being ready for rematches.
HandiMap Bundled with PokéPhone in Bluebell Town All the functionality of AreaNav from ORAS as well as the RotomDex map from SuMo, you can see (and fly to) every place in the region, see which trainers are ready for rematches, and check Pokémon distribution, as well as the weather across the region. There's a flag that tells you where to go next, and it allows you to place up to six markings on the map as well.
PokéNet Bundled with PokéPhone in Bluebell Town Similar to the Player Search System from Generation VI; connect, battle and trade with players all around the world in myriad ways. Includes Streetpass, Spotpass, and all that good stuff.
PokéPlay Bundled with PokéPhone in Bluebell Town Similar to Pokémon-Amie, with expanded options for grooming and playing with your Pokémon.
Trainer's Guide Bundled with PokéPhone in Bluebell Town A guide that gradually updates over time with new, brief articles explaining aspects of playing Pokémon. Similar to the Help Systems of FRLG and Gen V. Apparently written by Primo.
PokéRadar Bundled with PokéPhone in Bluebell Town Similar to DexNav from ORAS; lets you sneak up on Pokémon and see which ones in an area you haven't caught.
ANN Southampton/Portsmouth Stands for Albion News Network. Arranged like a mobile news site. Contains four sections: Recent Events (story events archived in chronological order; the only section that retains articles forever), Trainer Alerts (various events such as swarms and bargains in stores), TrainerWatch (things you did such as the name rater, recent captures… basically BuzzNav), and Stay Connected (promotions such as Global Link stuff).)
Super Gym London Similar to Super Training from Generation VI. You can send your boxed Pokémon to a Super Gym and let them gain EVs passively using regiments similar to that of Isle Evelup in Poke Pelago.
Notepad London Allows you to take notes and store up to six notes at a time.
Calculator Bristol A simple 12-digit calculator, like the Pokétch one.
Pedometer Alchemilla Town Displays the number of steps in six digits.
Dowsing Machine Ipswich/Norwich An arrow which changes direction based on your proximity and position relative to a hidden object. It turns redder or 'hotter' the closer you are.
Counter Birmingham Lets you count up from zero with a + or -, useful for counting how many times you've done something.
Friendship Tester Leeds/Manchester Tests how much your lead Pokémon loves you.
Coin Toss Thistle City Lets you flip a coin to make decisions.
Stopwatch & Timer Stromness/Kirkwall Lets you count down from a set amount of time… or up.
Type Matchup Glasgow Set the defending Pokémon's type and the attacking move's type to see how effective the move would be.

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