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Prof. Apple

Professor Apple is the most prestigious professor in the Albion region. He teaches at a university in the capital city, and in his Trainer Initiation Program he comes to many towns in the region to offer the starter Pokémon - Pteroot, Pamber, and Drippo - to new trainers. At Naomi's behest, inspired by her impassioned letter, he comes to Holythorn Town to initiate new trainers in the southwest region. At his university many scholars work hard to continue expanding the Pokédex, a catalogue of every known Pokémon species in the world. He's known for keeping an apple - a little-known fruit related to the Leppa Berry - with him at all times.



Artorius is a Pokémon Trainer of 30-some years of age. Many years ago, he and a girl named Gwen set out on their Pokémon Journeys, but he could never best Gwen in combat. Although they grew close and fell in love with each other, they eventually had a terrible falling out and Artorius, in disgrace, left for Kalos to train and travel. He recently returned to Albion and started over with simply a Honedge in order to take the region's league challenge and meet Gwen once again, although he embarks on a new mission after discovering an evil team's unfolding plot to plunder the region for the special power they seek…

He has a good heart and a sense of justice. Sometimes you get in each other's way, but he respects you for showing the same kind of concern he does for Pokémon, people, and the country he loves. But one day, you two will have to fight for who gets the right to face the Elite 4 and become the new League Champion…

PKMN Represents
Aegislash Excalibur
Escavalier Lancelot (starts with Shelmet; trades it at some point)
Gallade Gawain
Bisharp Galahad
PokeJAM mon??? Bors
PokeJAM mon Percival


Naomi is your friendly rival who lives with you in Plymouth. She's a bit of a know-it-all, but friendly and helpful, always offering advice or help when she can. She has a lot of passion for learning and cares about expanding opportunities for the young and the underprivileged. She likes to do the right thing and likes to punctuate things with her catchphrase: "It's so important!" She doesn't know what she wants to major in, but wants to become one of the professors of the Albion region. Since you've been wanting to be a trainer all your life, she's supportive all the way, but she's also an aggressive tester and likes to battle you and 'pop quiz' you, even though she tells you the answers anyway. She challenges you because she believes in you!

She wrote in to Prof. Apple at the University to bring the Starter Pokémon program to your neck of the woods. She comes along with you to Holythorn Town, where she chooses the starter Pokémon strong against yours. She travels roughly along with you until you get to Bristol, where she leaves for Cymru after you get your second gym badge. Even while you two travel apart, she regularly calls you on your PokéPhone. She battles you five times: Glastonbury, Route 3, Bristol, Edinburgh and Holyhead. She also helps you fight the evil team multiple times, such as in Inverness and in Glastonbury. She is more interested in filling out the Pokédex and exploring the region than challenging the Pokémon League. She'll also let you know postgame if a new Pokémon has been spotted swarming in an area, and you can call her for advice on how to fill out a specific slot in your Pokédex; she'll give you hints for where a Pokémon might be found or how it evolves. You can do this from the PokéPhone or straight from the Pokédex by going to an empty slot and choosing 'Call Naomi for advice.'

Starter, Doddity, Illumni, ????, ????

Gym Leaders

This region has Gym Leaders, but they have unique tests administered by their own junior trainers which are similar to the Trials of the Alola region, followed by their Gym battle. Once their gyms are defeated, their gyms become 'open' for Training purposes and their junior trainers are battleable at will, although the leaders themselves are not rebattleable until after the main game is completed. Your eight Merit Badges are proof that you are a trainer worthy of becoming a champion.

The existing characters will be repurposed. Basically, the League, with the assistance of the current Champion, assesses the best trainers in the region and picks out 18 experts, one specializing in each Pokémon type. Those four with most seniority who accept the roles shall reside at the Pokémon League castle as the Grand Knights, serving as a test before one can challenge the Champion themselves

ground type guy?? safari zone??

Name Type Town Badge Team Design Notes
Basil Normal Portsmouth ??? Dodball, Furfrou ??? A pampered rich girl. Her challenge involves battling other trainers for her amusement.
??? Fairy Bristol ??? Planthopper, Clefairy, ??? ??? A pastel hipster boy with a space shirt and suspenders and bowtie and such. His gym is full of Space Cadets, and his challenge involves encountering and battling a UFO Pokemon.
Dr. Foxglove Poison Alchemilla Town ??? Virox, Plaven, ??? Chemist from Alchemilla University. His challenge involves demonstrating a certain kind of knowledge. Defects to the evil team. Becomes a Charon-like figure later on.
Vanessa (name pending) Bug Liverpool Butterfly Badge Cupire, ??? ??? Nerdy bug maniac who loves reading and looking for bugs. Rumors say she's a fangirl of a certain boy band. Her challenge involves getting an autograph… then bringing back a rare insect Pokemon and showing it to her… then battling her!
Merlin (name pending) Psychic Thistle City ??? Kadabra?, Dice PKMN, Dormouse, Britebulb ??? Headmaster of the prestigious Alba Academy; a pretty 'magical' guy. Taught Arthur. His challenge is similar to Lenora's of the Unova region.
Capt. Murdina Fisher Water Stromness ??? Finjector, Cheladigo ??? Buff, gruff, Dhelmise tattoo, heavy Scottish accent, commands a large fishing vessel. She caught a Mollotov and gave it to her girlfriend Ashley as a gift. Her challenge involves spending time on her fishing boat, doing odd jobs, battling sailors and fishing.
Ashley Fire Linseed City ??? Mollotov ??? A welder who owns a factory in Linseed City, helps build the ships there. Her girlfriend Capt. Fisher comes in for repairs every now and then. Her sister Ariel is the Flying-type Elite Four member, and her family ranch is outside of town. Has an old pet Rapidash she doesn't use in battle. Her challenge involves fixing parts of her factory that are being damaged by Pokémon.
Prof. Pietro Rock Allium City ??? Ankrusher? ??? Graduate of Oxford; paleontologist/archaeologist? and really swell guy. His challenge involves finding a fossil at a dig site, which Naomi takes part in too. He lets you resurrect the first fossil you find.
Malissa (Malice) Dark Alchemilla Town ??? Enkroach? barghest? ??? replaces Dr. Foxglove, 'bonus' leader in postgame

Elite Four

Name Type Team Design Notes
Ariel Flying Ashley's sister
Gwen Multi-type Guinevere

Once you become the Champion, you really *are* the champion now, similar to Alola, and Guinevere steps down. Certain trainers will proceed to battle you as Title Defense. Gwen decides not to challenge you again, but you are still able to battle her full team in Holythorn Town. She doesn't know where Artorius went; he's in a very remote part of the region. You can re-unite the two and choose to Single Battle them individually or Double Battle them both, but you can only do one battle a day.

Other trainers

All 18 types are represented by trainers, but after the 13 types of the Gym Leaders and Elite Four, there are 5 bonus trainers out there.

Type slots not yet decided on: Grass, Ghost (Merideth), Electric (male engineer or musician?), Fighting, Dragon, Steel, Ice (Aurora?), Ground

You can go to these trainers and battle them, or they may battle you as part of Title Defense.

Past trainers

Similar to the Battle Tree in Sun and Moon, there are past trainers from previous Pokémon games. There are quite a few more of them than there were in Sun and Moon, with about 24 trainers from across the series making a reappearance.

Evil Team

Chess-themed. Kidnapping scientists and geologists for purposes of discovering the secret of immortality. Each admin is based on a different stat - Knight = Speed, Rook = DEF, Bishop = SPDEF, Queen = SPATK and King = ATK.

  • Looker appears in the postgame and is investigating Eidolitch and its possible connection to the evil team.
??? Knight SPD
??? Rook DEF
??? Bishop SPDEF Goodra, Florges, Shuckle here
??? Queen SPATK Gilord Morgan le Fay
??? King ATK Guillotaur Mordred

Trainer Classes

Name Notes Pokemon
Youngster 'Basic' Pokemon
Lass 'Basic' Pokémon, often 'cute'
Preschooler Basic & Baby Pokémon
Bug Catcher (Male & Female) Bug types
Bird Keeper (Male & Female) The women have short-ish pink hair. Birds, mostly
Swimmer (Male & Female)
Backpacker (Male & Female)
Hiker Tough, 'rugged' Pokemon, often rock or ground type
Battle Girl & Black Belt
Rising Star (male & female)
Aroma Lady Aromatic Pokemon and others (Gloom, Roselia, Spritzee, Bubirdy?)
Nurse & Doctor Will heal you for free after you defeat them. Audino, Bubirdy, etc.
Fairy Tale Girl Fairy-types
Hex Maniac Ghost-types
Poké Scout (male & female) Similar to Campers & Picnickers
Schoolboy & Schoolgirl (male & female)
Rocker (male & female) Electric types, etc
Scientist (male & female)
Cowgirl & Farmer Appear during the day in farm areas. Return to being separate from Pokemon Breeders after being the same thing in Gen 7. Farmer is the same thing as Rancher. Mareep, Ponyta, Tauros, etc
Pokémon Breeder (male & female)
Space Cadets (Male & Female) Nerds with swirly glasses & t-shirts with Clefairy spaceships saying 'I Want to Believe', holding paraphernalia like toy spaceships/toy UFO mon, or an Elgyem/Clefairy Poke Doll. They sneak into fields at night hoping to get glimpses of 'alien' Pokémon. 'Alien' Pokemon (Clefairy, Elgyem, etc) that they want to show off; sometimes 'ordinary' Pokemon
Agent (Male & Female) Govt. agents. Some may be 'Mulder' types trying to uncover the truth, while others are 'Men In Black' trying to keep people away from important secrets. They all have codenames such as the NATO phonetic alphabet names
Punk Guy & Punk Girl Based on chavs Use Scrafty, Enkroach, other mean Pokemon
Worker & Engineer Fighting types, steel types; rock/ground types. Engineers use Electric types.
Guard Based on British royal guards
Apprentice (Male & Female) Looks like a school student wearing a black robe Uses Psychic-type or 'magical' Pokemon
Ranger (male & female)
Butler & Maid
Tourist (male & female)
Poke Fan (male & female)
Roller Skater (male & female)
Artist (male & female)
Waiter & Waitress
Archaeologist (male & female)
Cyclist (male & female)
Jogger (male & female)
Lady & Rich Boy Give high prize money
Gentleman & Socialite Give high prize money
Ace Trainer (male & female)
Veteran (male & female)
Dragon Tamer (male & female)
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