Pokémon Info
Number ???
Name Mayflitt
Nickname The Immature Pokémon
Type Bug/Fairy
Abilities Cute Charm
Shield Dust
Natural Cure (hidden)
Height 0'8" (0.2m)
Weight 1.5 lbs (0.7kg)
Evolution Cupire (level up with high friendship)
Credit Jennyjams
aedanofthepast (species name)

Mayflitt is a Bug/Fairy Pokémon. It evolves into Cupire when leveled up with high friendship.

Dex info

  • Called 'the Luvdisc of the air', Mayflitt are known to swarm in the spring. When they pair up, they intertwine their tails.
  • Its pleasant aroma is believed by some to bring love. Its wing powder has even been packaged by scam artists as a love potion.


  • Mayflitt is a small fairy-like insect with inspiration from several types of insects, particularly the lovebug and the subimago of the mayfly. The mayfly is known to be unique among insects in that it has a sexually immature winged stage called the subimago before its fully adult stage, the imago.
  • etymology: mayfly (a small flying insect) or May (a month associated with spring and romance) + flitter (light flapping of wings).


NOTE: As of Pokémon Sun and Moon, Leech Life's base power has been upgraded to 80. Rework moveset.

Lv. 1 Charm Fairy Status 100% 20
Lv. 5 Fairy Wind Fairy Special 40 100% 30
Lv. 9 Sweet Kiss Fairy Status 75% 10
Lv. 12 Sweet Scent Normal Status 100% 20
Lv. 16 Leech Life Bug Physical 20 100% 15
Lv. 19 Sleep Powder Grass Status 75% 15
Lv. 22 Attract Normal Status 100% 15
Lv. 26 Draining Kiss Fairy Special 50 100% 10
Lv. 30 Silver Wind Bug Special 60 100% 5
Lv. 35 Aromatherapy Grass Status —% 5
Lv. 39 U-Turn Bug Physical 70 100% 20
Lv. 44 Rage Powder Bug Status —% 20
Lv. 48 Bug Buzz Bug Special 90 100% 10
Lv. 53 Hurricane Flying Special 110 70% 10
Lv. 59 Quiver Dance Bug Status —% 20


30 30 20 50 40 80
Base Stat Total EXP Yield
250 50

Type Info

Weak To Fire 2x, Poison 2x, Flying 2x, Rock 2x, Steel 2x
Immune To Dragon 0x
Resistant To Grass 1/2x, Ground 1/2x, Bug 1/2x, Dark 1/2x, Fighting 1/4x

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