Legacy Pokémon


These are Pokémon that have been removed from the current iteration of the project, and will not be returned to the project bar some significant changes that avoid conflict with canonical Pokémon species. Many of the species you see in PokéJAM were created prior to the release of Pokémon Sun and Moon, and so there may be some clash with subsequent generations.

Names Type Reason
Magispore and Betruffle Grass/Fairy Conflict with Generation VII Pokémon Morelull and Shiinotic (type, mushroom basis, inspiration from 'fairy rings')
Munezumi Electric/Psychic Conflict with several species of Pokémon: Alolan Raichu (same typing), Togedemaru, Musharna, Patrat (Japanese name is Minezumi, very close to Munezumi); possible type conflict with Illumni in the same generation
Chelado, Cheladigo and Cheladome Ice/Water Cheladigo has conceptual conflict with Generation VII Pokémon Crabominable; Cheladome's igloo is similar to Alolan Sandshrew and it may be viewed as simply an ice-type Crustle
Asterclops Rock/Fire Dissatisfaction with type, stats and concept, perhaps too redundant to Pokémon like Solrock, Lunatone, and Minior; 'B-Movie' concept already similar to Yufobia, cycloptic like Illumni

Shelved (for now)

Names Type Reason
Ankrash and Ankrusher Rock/Ground Not sure what to do yet with the Fossil Pokémon; another simple dinosaur may not be desired; also make sure to avoid conflict with Rhyperior or Rampardos

Under review

Names Type Reason Proposed Remedy
Noxile, Corrodo and Gilord Poison/Dragon Possible conflict with Gen VII Pokémon Salandit and Salazzle Might not really be anything to worry about, other than being a reptile, part Poison, and having 'Corrosion' as an ability. Make sure it fills a different niche competitively and has a different enough design. Also, it's supposed to be a kaiju-like pseudo.

Moves under review

Name Reason
Ice Tomb Belonged to a Legacy Pokémon, the Chelado line
Wrecking Ball Belongs to a shelved Pokémon, the Ankrash line

Abilities under review

Name Reason
Sound Sleeper Signature ability of Legacy Pokémon Munezumi. Could be considered viable if any other Pokémon would benefit from it.
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