This Pokémon is now a Legacy Pokémon, considered non-canonical.

Pokémon Info
Number ???
Name Betruffle
Nickname The ????? Pokémon
Type Grass/Fairy
Abilities ??????
Height ??????
Weight ??????
Evolution fully evolved
Credit onidrills

Betruffle is a Grass/Fairy type Pokémon that evolves from Magispore.

Dex info

No Dex Entry. It is still a mushroom colony that uses magic to move around. It evolved a brontosaurid-looking structure using thorny roots, meant to confuse enemies.


  • Magispore is based on a fairy ring.
  • Name origin: etymology: befuddle + truffle



Betruffle has high Special Attack.

Type Info

Weak To Flying 2x, Poison 4x, Steel 2x, Fire 2x, Ice 2x
Immune To Dragon 0x
Resistant To none
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