Albion is the name of the region featured in the PokéJAM project. It is based on the British Isles. The name, Albion, is based off of an old name for Britain. See also: NPCs and Albion Dex

As of the announcement of Pokémon Sword and Shield in 2019, there exists a canonical Pokémon region based on the island of Great Britain - the Galar region. Hence, this region is considered redundant.

The region is so large that it is subdivided into four subregions. These are:

  • Loegria, the first and largest, based off of England
  • Alba, the second and second largest, based off of Scotland and the Northern Isles
  • Eriu, the third and third largest, based off of Ireland (the entire island)
  • Cymru, the fourth and smallest, based off of Wales
  • as well as the Pokémon League, based off of the Isle of Man

Due to the history and politics of Ireland, Cymru's role in the region may be modified or downgraded.

Albion is a cosmopolitan country that also takes pride in its extensive history and its wealth of myths & legends. There are many churches and abbeys across the land, as well as ancient castles dating back many centuries. There are also several universities, with the region's people placing high importance on education. Many types of people with many different viewpoints and a vast number of Pokémon can be found here. The PokéPhone, invented by Crown Corporation, is the must-have device for trainers. The region is closely related to Kalos, its closest neighbor. It has some shared history with Kalos, as many ancient Albians bore witness to the events of the war in Kalos 3,000 years ago. Stories of AZ have traveled across the channel, leading to rumors around the secrets of immortality. However, rather than the story of the weapon and Xerneas/Yveltal, the evil team is looking for a 'different' means to discover immortality.

Area overview

The player starts in the southwest and travels around a loose 'spiral': starting in southwest Loegria, over to London, up through Loegria towards Alba, west across to Eriu, south through Eriu and back east to Cymru, and then through Cymru to the very center, the Isle of Man. There are many detours along the way, and various paths which provide easy backtracking. Prior to obtaining Fly, a trainer can use Albion Rail to get to several major cities, and there are also many port towns that can be traveled between by boat.

Non-italics designates towns. Italics designates routes and dungeons/other areas.

Loegria (England)

Loegria is the largest and first of the four subregions of Albion. Much of it is made up of rolling countryside, with occasional forests and moors.

Beginning Areas

  • You start in Primrose Town. To the north is Route 1, a small country lane leading to Holythorn Town, where you get your starters and the plot begins.
  • Route 2 is a hilly, grassy area which leads to Bluebell Town, where you and Arthur fight for the first time and you get the PokéPhone. You continue on through Route 3, divided by Bluebell Forest.
  • Within Bluebell Forest is Stonehenge, where you encounter the Legendary Chimeras after defeating the evil team.
  • You reach Portsmouth/Southampton, the first port in the game, and site of the first badge: Normal-type, with the leader being Basil. After that you move through Route 4 and reach London, a big place where you meet Prof. Apple at the university, and have your first encounter with the evil team.

At London, the path splits. There is a connector west to Cymru (M4), a connector north, (M40/M6) and a connector east (M11).

Western Route, towards Cymru (M4 motorway)

  • - Route 5 falls between London and Reading. A river winds through it, as this is right in the Thames Valley
  • Reading, with possible Swindon/Bath inspiration. Bubirdy mask festival?
  • - Route 6 is a vast farm route. This place includes Bubirdy, the pinwheel line, the UFO/tripod line (The War of the Worlds was written by a British author), and possibly even the speculated Normal/Dark type badger. At night there is a possibility of species like Clefairy and Elgyem. On this route there are crop circles, as this phenomenon originated in the UK. During the day there are farmers and cowgirls as well as Mareep and other species; during the night there are Space Cadets hoping to get glimpses of 'alien' pokemon, as the encounter rate is much higher at this time.
  • Bristol - a center of the aerospace industry (making the space theme of the previous route relevant), and home to a hot air balloon festival. There could be a suspension bridge and toll gate marking the boundary between Loegria and Cymru. The second gym, Fairy type, is located here. Naomi leaves for Wales after one last battle after the gym; u must continue east
  • - Route 7 south to Glastonbury.

Eastern Route - (M11 motorway)

This route is initially inaccessible due to a Virox outbreak until after the second badge is obtained.

  • - Route 8 is a pretty yet prickly place. A rosebush blocks the way to the Abandoned Hospital where Virox, Kroach and others can be found. Roselia is also a common sight on this route.
  • Cambridge - a university city and city of science and discovery. Here, the third gym leader, Dr. Foxglove, is located. The university has a lot to do and they've got a rivalry going on with the folks over at Oxford. The replacement is a dark or steel leader after e4 beaten
  • - Route 9 takes the player through a fen, a very grassy marsh-like area. Shelmet and Karrablast here.
  • The next town is based on Norwich, but also Ipswich or Peterborough. Surrounded by fen, it is a pretty but small town. Plot stuff probably happens here though. Like you found out the gym leader of cambridge DEFECTED?????? what the heck!!!!!! You may also meet the champion, Guinevere, here… or at least, you shoulda met her by this point.
  • - Route 10 ends up intersecting with Route 11 north from London.

Northern Route, towards Alba (M40/M6 motorways; A1 road)

  • - Route 11 leads to Birmingham, and perhaps the lower half can be explored at first, but the upper half is off limits until you finish the east path from London.
  • - The Safari Zone is based on the Chester Zoo; you already have three badges and unlock new zones at four, six and eight badges respectively. It is a very large Safari Zone and it is similar to ORAS's Safari Zone in that you don't play the Safari Game w/balls and such. The jungle zone (4 or 6 badges) contains Peptile. The final zone, the desert zone, is where you can catch Noxile and Terrabite, but it is only unlockable upon receiving eight badges.
  • Birmingham - can almost be considered the Nimbasa to London's Castelia. A centerpiece of the Industrial Revolution and a bastion of culture. One of the stops along the Albion Rail. Also, potentially a Globe Theatre/shakespeare/Stratford upon Avon thing around here?
  • - Route 12
  • Chester/Liverpool - old roman amphitheatre (Chester), Beatles/British Invasion rock bands (Liverpool), football stadiums (Liverpool). Fourth gym here (Bug, Vanessa) here?
  • - Route 13
  • Continuing on east from Chester/Liverpool, there's Manchester/Leeds. Maybe the SPORTS representation is here. Another stop along the Albion Rail.
  • - Route 14
  • Newcastle upon Tyne is located at the gate to Alba.
  • - The Pennines mountain chain is located in Northern England, so there could be mountains and caves around the Route 12/13 areas.

Alba (Scotland)

The northern part of the region, Alba, contains highlands, mountains, forests, and snow. Owls ahoy!

  • - Route 15
  • Edinburgh. Fifth gym here? Potentially the location of the 'Merlin' gym leader and his goofy psychic magic school. Jk tho he's cool. You can't go west to Glasgow yet. Another stop along the Albion Rail.
  • - Route 16
  • Aberdeen. Pretty much just a rest stop.
  • - Route 17
  • Inverness. A small, sleepy port town that leads you to…
  • An island town (Stromness/Kirkwall) based on the Northern Isles as well as the Hebrides. It is a large town and has fishing as a large part of its economy; Chelado and Shelcano ahoy! Although there might be a ferry to get to here, it might also be a water route - a COLD water route. There might be diving here, not that there's really much diving culture in the UK.
  • - West of Inverness there are many lochs in a 'lakefront' type snowy forest. One of these lochs may contain a Lapras every Friday, much like the Union Cave Lapras. This is, of course, based on Loch Ness.
  • - South from this lakefront you pass through a mountainous area. Onivolt is found at the base forested areas; Snowni is found on the peaks, and there's a cave network too. Eventually, you come out the south side and hop down through the (now-green) forest, til you get back to Edinburgh.
  • - Route 18
  • Glasgow. Plot stuff???????????!!!!!!!!!! Then either a ferry or water route takes you to……..

Eriu (Ireland and Northern Ireland)

Eriu is the western island, reachable from Glasgow. It is significantly reduced in size from the real-world Ireland, but contains aspects of both Northern Ireland and the republic of Ireland. However, this is subject to change, with the region possibly dropping the rest of the island to focus only on that which is UK territory.

  • Belfast - home of the seventh gym, fire-type leader Ashley.
  • - Route 19. potatoes ahoy!
  • Dublin.
  • - Route 20 - a treacherous water route that leads you to Cymru.

Cymru (Wales)

  • Cardiff, a rocky town home to the eighth gym leader, Rock user Pietro. After that…… SHIT GETS REAL.
  • - Route 21 leads north, towards the Pokémon League. It is a route with many strong trainers.
  • - Route 22 leads you back to the safety of…. Bristol.
  • Holyhead/Colwyn Bay - probably ferries you straight to the Pokémon League island.

Pokémon League (Isle of Man)

  • The Pokémon League is located on the Isle of Man, where Peel Castle is one of the places cited as the location for the Arthurian Avalon or the Grail Castle as part of the Lancelot-Grail mythos. Mooden is found in Victory Road. The Elite Four possibly have their own castles, and much of Victory Road is actually an outdoorsy walk through countryside with mossy, crumbling castle walls. the Champion is Guinevere.

City/Town Names

clubmoss, quillwort, horsetail, bracken, woodsia, waterfern, hemlock, hellebore, clematis, buttercup, barberry, corydalis, mulberry, chestnut, amaranth, catchly, knotgrass, agrimony, snowdrop

Name Counterpart of Description Name Meaning Inspiration
Primrose Town Plymouth The first town, made up mostly of three or four houses. You and Naomi live here. It is next to the sea and there is an old lighthouse. Possibly a small beach/dock area along which you can surf after you get Surf and get items. Primrose is the county flower of Devon. Lighthouse based on Smeaton's Tower.
Holythorn Town Glastonbury A small but religious town with a newer church and the ruins of an older abbey. Has a Pokémon Center and a Poké Mart. A 700-year old tree is located in the town. In the village square, Prof. Apple has come to hold a Pokémon trainer initiation on the wishes of Naomi for all the young aspiring trainers in the area. Deep beneath the abbey ruins is a secret Pokémon, Relixir, although nobody knows it yet. Named after the Glastonbury Thorn hawthorn tree Various aspects of Glastonbury have religious significance related to Joseph of Arimathea, Jesus Christ, the Holy Grail and the legends of King Arthur. It has an ancient abbey placed on a hill and also partially based on the Glastonbury Tor, and a newer church. The 700-year hawthorn tree is based on the Hethel Old Thorn.
Bluebell Town Exeter A cathedral is located here, as well as a house where a meteorologist lives and a Trainer's School. When you enter the Pokémon Center, Naomi is waiting for you; she's shocked you don't have a PokéPhone, but a Crown representative hooks you up with one; the apps you start out with are Time, Phone, HandiMap, PokéNet, PokéPlay, Trainer's Guide, and the PokéRadar. Post-game, you can get Castform here, and you can get the Reveal Glass from a man in the cathedral. The common bluebell is a common plant in the UK, and a common sight in New Forest, which Bluebell Forest is based off of. Exeter is well known for the Cathedral and for the Meteorological Office.
Dogrose City Portsmouth/Southampton The first port town in the game, with several boats. Here you face your first gym challenge in the form of Normal-type gym leader, Basil. After you become Champion, Basil enlists your services in capturing the three legendary chimeras. Dog-rose is the flower of Hampshire county Portsmouth/Southampton
Rose City London The biggest city in the region, it is here where Prof. Apple can be found at the university, where you can learn all about Pokémon and discover many new species, as well as report your progress on the Pokédex. There's also the royal palace, the ferris wheel, the underground, the town square, the abbey and clock tower, the Pokémon Museum, and many specialty shops and businesses, as well as the Rose Film Festival where the actress Merideth is a popular star. This is also the location of the first confrontation with the evil team. When you arrive here, you can only exit to the west to Route 5, as repairs are being done on the north and east; after getting the second badge, you can go east on Route 8 and partially explore Route 10. The Tudor Rose is the emblem of England London, combined with Oxford University. There are locations representing Buckingham Palace, the London Eye, the Underground, Trafalgar Square, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, and the various famous museums in the city.
??? Town Reading A small farming town located west of Rose City at the confluence of rivers, known for its lively festivals. It has a prominent music scene, with an outdoor concert venue where occasionally the hottest bands in Albion come, drawing huge crowds. There is occasionally a Mask Festival in town selling masks resembling many Pokémon, including Bubirdy and a strange mask that may resemble a legendary Pokémon. Indeed, a statue in the town of a lion-like beast may hold some significance related to the legendary chimera trio. Reading is known for its lion statue and its music festival.
??? City Bristol A center of the aerospace industry, new airplanes are manufactured here. There are commonly hot-air balloons flying over the city; you can take a hot air balloon ride and see for miles around town, and fight Sky Trainers - you receive Wings as prizes, with better prizes based on your streak. The second gym is located here, as well as a boutique. There is a suspension bridge located high above a river, beyond which is the entrance to Wales. Here is where you and Naomi decide to head your separate ways, with Naomi going to Cymru and you returning to Rose City. Bristol is a major aerospace industry center and has a hot air balloon festival. The bridge is based on the Cliton Suspension Bridge.
Alchemilla Town Cambridge A university town which has a rivalry with the Oxford based university in London. Many famous Pokémon professors have studied or taught here. It is also where many Pokémon doctors and nurses graduate. The town is dominated by the large complex of college buildings that can be explored, with the Pokémon Center, Mart and Gym all on campus. The gym, led by Dr. Foxglove, is located in a garden of poisonous plants. Pokémon breeding is a common subject of learning here, so it's no surprise the Day Care is also located on campus, where you can occasionally receive an egg of a random baby Pokémon. Alchemilla is a plant, also known as Lady's Mantle, the name of the nearby hospital. Alchemilla = Alchemy, a reference to Dr. Foxglove being a chemist. The University of Cambridge is one of the most prestigious universities in the world. The poison gardens are based on the Poison Garden at the Alnwick Garden.
??? Town Norwich/Ipswich Surrounded by fen, it is a pretty but small town. You get the bike (although it's not recommended biking in the fen) and there's a cathedral and boutique here, but it's also a plot-heavy town. The team is searching for something in the fen, but it seems they might destroy the local ecosystem with their meddling. Gotta stop 'em! You may also meet the champion, Guinevere, here… she disappears and Arthur appears right after Awk-ward! He's caught a Shelmet from the nearby fen. There's also a high concentration of art students here wanting to take or paint your picture, for some reason. ??? Norwich and Ipswich are located in the counties of Norfolk and Suffolk respectively, and both are home to various religious buildings like the Norwich Cathedral.
??? City Birmingham A large city with a contest hall and a Musical Theatre, as well as a boutique, a library and an Albion Rail station. ??? Birmingham is a center of the arts. Additionally, its citizens' love of literature and the performing arts is modeled after the legacy of William Shakespeare.
??? City Chester and Liverpool A happening city that many of Albion's musical acts call home. This city is also home to the fourth gym, led by bug-type user Vanessa. Chester is home to the Chester Zoo, which is just south of here. Liverpool is known for its music scene, being the home of the Beatles.
??? City Leeds and Manchester Another of Loegria's largest cities located just south of the Pennines, this city is known for its mills and the vast central market where many people sell their wares. It has several apartments and is the headquarters of Crown Co., as well as a football stadium and a station for Albion Rail. ??? Leeds is home to the Leeds Kirkgate Market, the biggest covered market in Europe. It was historically a mill town and a center for textile manufacturing; Manchester had mills as well. Manchester is one of the most sports-oriented cities in the country, so it's no surprise there's a football stadium here. Leeds and Manchester are also known for being important technological centers, hence Crown Co. headquarters being located there.
??? Town Newcastle upon Tyne A beautiful arch bridge leads the way into this town. There's a castle and a cathedral here. The bridge is based on the Tyne Bridge.
Thistle City Edinburgh A large city home to the Alba Academy, the largest academic institution in the north. The headmaster, Merlin, is also the Psychic-type gym leader. The town is known for its Move Tutors as well. The thistle is the national flower of Scotland The Alba Academy is slightly based on Hogwarts, being a school led by a 'wizard'.
Linseed City Belfast A city where shipbuilding is a major industry. The city exports many goods to the rest of the region. It is home to the Fire-type gym, led by Ashley. The flax, or linseed, flower is the flower of Ireland Belfast is known for its shipbuilding industry.
Seamair City Dublin A very 'green' city with many pubs… serving coffee and lemonade, of course. There is a Berry Juice brewery and the famous Seamair Castle. It is also known for facing Cymru across a treacherous water route from which the sea breeze blows, with rumors of dragons and all sorts of nasties in the ocean. Visit the priest after becoming Champion and he will undo the seal on the Phantom Barrow. The shamrock is a symbol of Ireland; it comes from a diminutive of seamair. 'Seamair' is also a fitting name for a coastal city on which the sea breeze blows in. There are many pubs in Dublin and the Guinness Brewery is located in Dublin. The castle is based on Dublin Castle.
Allium City Cardiff Home to the eighth gym, the Rock-type gym led by Prof. Pietro. The wild leek, from the genus allium, is the county flower of Cardiff
Daffodil Town Holyhead/Colwyn Bay A small town blanketed in yellow flowers, with a church. Visit the priest after becoming the Champion and he will undo the seal on the Serpent's Belly. From here, there's nowhere to go but the Pokémon League. The daffodil is the symbol of Wales

Place Names

Name Counterpart of Description Name Meaning Inspiration
Route 1 A gentle stroll through a winding country lane between Primrose Town and Holythorn Town.
Route 2 Several beginner trainers can be battled here. This hilly area is surrounded by hills and rolling plains. Dartmoor
Route 3 Route 3 is divided by Bluebell Forest. In the first half of the route, you encounter Arthur and speak to him for the first time, but he won't battle you until you're at the entrance to Portsmouth.
Bluebell Forest New Forest The first forest in the game; you are introduced to Hidden Pokémon here. Naomi also battles you at the end of the area. The common bluebell is a common plant in the UK, and a common sight in New Forest, which Bluebell Forest is based off of. New Forest
??? Stonehenge A circle of standing stones in the middle of the forest, with a potential connection to the standing stones of Route 10 (Menhir Trail) in Kalos. Much later in the game, after defeating the evil team, you can meet the legendary chimeras here; they will split off and roam throughout Albion thereafter. ??? Stonehenge.
Route 4 Pleasant countryside between Portsmouth and London. The South Downs and the Weald
Route 5
Route 6
Route 7
Route 8
Lady's Mantle Hospital none An abandoned hospital on Route 8. To gain access, you must cut down the rose bushes in front. Virox and Kroach dwell here. This is the former hospital servicing Alchemilla Town. Lady's Mantle is another name for the Alchemilla plant None, but Cambridge (Alchemilla's inspiration) is a center of the biomedical industry
???? Fen The Broads The Broads are a network of rivers and lakes, and there are famous windmills. The area is known for its beauty.
King's Catacombs Glastonbury Abbey Secret catacombs discovered under the Glastonbury Abbey, where all the secrets and treasures of the ages are stored. Deeper, deeper you go… far beneath, somewhere, is believed to be the legendary Pokémon, Relixir. But can you and Arthur beat the evil team to it? King Arthur reference, or a Joseph of Arimathea reference, or maybe a reference to AZ? Or maybe just the 'kings' of old, the spirit of whom Arthur seems to have inherited… Glastonbury Abbey is said to have been founded by Joseph of Arimathea; it's also said it's where Arthur and Guinevere were buried, thus tying it to the Holy Grail
Enchanted Lake none A mist-covered lake that can only be accessed after becoming Champion. Talk to the priest in Norwich/Ipswich and he will dispel the thick fog obscuring the path to the lake. Walk through the misty forest and reach the lake. Once there, you must give the lake an offering, and then you may be visited by a rare Water/Fairy Pokémon known as Nymoway It is an enchanted lake The lake is based on the realm of the Lady of the Lake. Imbolc, Nymoway's associated holiday, involves offerings given to holy wells.
Everwinter Glen none The prowling grounds of the legendary Pokémon Nachtsidhe. Talk to the priest of the cathedral in Aberdeen after becoming Champion and he will unseal the brambles leading the way into the woods… after encountering many rare Pokémon deep in the forest, you'll find an icy cold clearing. Place a Moomoo Milk on the rock at night and Nachtsidhe will appear. A glen (valley) where it is eternally winter. Samhain, Nachtsidhe's associated holiday, would often involve offerings given up to the fae. The cat sith are said to bless those homes that leave saucers of milk out on Samhain.
Phantom Barrow none The haunt of the legendary Pokémon Dullavee. Talk to the priest in Seamair City after becoming Champion to unseal the path to the haunted burial ground. After encountering many Pokémon, go to the top of the hill at night and take some water from the well, and Dullavee will appear. A barrow (burial mound) where phantoms (ghosts) appear Lughnasadh, Dullavee's associated holiday, involves going to the top of the hill and visiting a holy well. Knuckelavees and kelpies are associated with water, and dullahans are a particularly Irish legend.
Serpent's Belly none The lair of the legendary dragon Pokémon Fafnirex, which is sealed off by rocks and can only be accessed after talking to Daffodil Town's priest after becoming Champion. On the bottom floor, you must light the large fire to awaken the legendary dragon, surrounded by its treasure horde. Perhaps you can even pick up a few good items… The cave is likened to the belly of a dragon (serpent) Dragons were often depicted guarding treasure hordes, such as the lair of the dragon Smaug underneath Erebor in J.R.R. Tolkien's works. Beltane, Fafnirex's associated holiday, would involve the lighting of bonfires.

Pokemon inspiration

  • Normal/Dark badger - European badger. Could also potentially be a polecat, as there are no known polecat Pokémon to date whereas Typhlosion and Linoone are sometimes cited as badger-based species.
  • Dodball and Doddity - Dodo; not native to the UK, but intensely studied by British scientists, and a reference to Alice in Wonderland
  • Electric-type Pikachu mascot is a dormouse. Although only one species is native to the British isles, the dormouse is also a character in Alice in Wonderland.
  • Psychic/steel Tripod UFOs - The War of the Worlds by Briton H.G. Wells
  • Bubirdy line - Plague doctors were common in Europe in the Middle Ages, although moreso on the mainland and in countries like Italy rather than the UK.
  • Potato - in Eriu, lol
  • Mooden line - Medieval European torture, although many of the European influences are from the mainland and not from the UK.
  • Snowy owl - Hey its Hedwig lol
  • Clover - Ireland


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